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Currency Converter – Convert Any Currency Online

Currency converter is an online conversion tool that helps to convert any currency online. It uses latest algorithm to convert currency from one nation to another. You can convert different currency with this converter at a same time. It is very easy to use and handy in day to day operations.  Currency or money converter is widely used y many people now days.

Currency Converter

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Live Preview Of Money Converter

Money Converter
Money Converter



  • It can be used to convert any currency online .

  •  Can be used to convert different currency in a second of time.
  • It is  used to find accurate currency conversion and uses data from google.
  • It is  used to see live currency rate of different countries.



  • Simple, good looking and easy to use.
  • Lightweight with easy configurations.
  • Real time data from google for more accurate conversion.
  • Can be embedded into any website for necessity.
  • Fast conversion within the seconds of time.

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What is currency Converter ?

Currency converter is an online money converter that helps to convert one form of money to another. It can convert usd to pound , Nepali rupees to Indian rupees , yen to yuan , Singapore dollar to riyal etc. It uses the date from google for real time conversion and is up to date daily. This tool can currently convert :
USD : US Dollar
EUR: Euro
GBP : British Pound
CHF :Swiss Franc
AUD : Australian Dollar
CAD : Candian Dollar
SGD : Singapore Dollar
NPR : Nepali Rupees
JPY : Japanese Yen
CNY : Chinese Yaun
SAR : Saudi Riyal
BHD : Bahraini Dinar
QAR : Qatari Riyal
AED : UAE Dirham
THB : Thai Baht
MYR : Malaysian Ringgit
KRW : South Korean Won
INR : Indian Rupees

Many more currency will be added later on so that you can convert all the different types of currencies in one tool. You can use this tool in blogger , WordPress etc.

Note: Conversion rate may differ from country to country this tool gives accurate measurement of global conversion.

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