Nepali Date Converter

Nepali Date Converter

Nepali Date converter is very useful tool to convert Nepali  to English date. Our  Nepali date is represented in B.S “Bikram Sambat” while English date is represented in A.D ” Anno Domini” and they represent date from different part of time. So we cannot use A.D date to B.S date that’s why we need Nepali to English Date Converter for accurate date.  We need A.D date to fill our passport , citizenship , foreign application, to register for EDV Visa , to find English Date of Birth etc. This converter can convert date very reliably than any other converter tool out there in the internet. This BS To AD converter tool or BS To AD tool has been used in many organizations without any problems to convert Nepali date to English or English to Nepali date It can also be used as English to Nepali date converter.It is all in one date converter english to nepali with is very simple and reliable.

Nepali To English Date Converter Tool

Get Nepali Date Converter Tool For Your Website

Use the widget below to get the best height and width for your website :).

1.First  change the width and height of the converter tool according to your interest.

2.Now  click on get code.

3.Now copy and paste the code in your website or blogger etc.

Or Just Copy The Following code to your website or just get a custom code from our widget down below .

<iframe src=”” name=”iframe_a” width=”800″ height=”365″ frameborder=”0″>Your Browser Do not Support Iframe</iframe>

<iframe src=”” namea=”iframe_a” width=”800px” height=”365” frameborder=”0″>Your Browser Do not Support Iframe</iframe><span style=””color: red;”>© <a style=””text-decoration: none;” title=””Nepali Date Converter” href=”””” target=””_top””>Powered By Nepali Date Converter</a></span>

Live Preview Of Date Converter In Your Website

date converter english to nepali
date converter english to nepali

Features Of Our Nepali Date Converter Tool:

  • It can be used to convert Nepali to english date.
  • The tool  can be used to convert BS to AD or AD to BS.
  •  Can be used to convert english to nepali date too as date converter english to nepali.
  • The widget is simple , reliable , easy to use , flexible , and has easy customization.
  • The widget Can be copied and used in any websites like blogger , WordPress , Tumbler etc.
  • It is fast and doesn’t have to reload the page so it can covert multiple dates in seconds.
  • It converts to Nepali date in the accuracy of milliseconds and decimal points of time without any error.
  • It uses the advance calendar system function to convert from calendar dates to and get new date in Nepali calendar dates.
  • Calendar converter converts date time of calendar dates 365 days of a year from January 1 of the month to December last considering leap year and leap second too (i.e spare hour , minutes , seconds of revolution).

Photo Of Widget To Change The Width And Height:

Use the widget from above like shown in figure below to convert BS dates to AD and vice versa.

Nepali to English date converter
Nepali to English date converter

Live Picture Of English to Nepali Date Converter In Action

date converter nepali to english
Date Converter Nepali to English

A date calculator is needed to get calculation of your real date in B.S  without. It  shows the calendar date of A.D to B.S in matter of time . It calculates the number of days  of difference in both the calendar and convert the days in months , years and days to give the most accurate results. Our date converter is the best date conversion tool in the internet and is currently in use in many organizations. It also considers the leap year gap for more accurate conversion of the ad calendar date. As there are many  time lap between the countries and time zone also changes with countries so its very hard to get the accurate date conversion for every country out there so it is more focus on the current English date that was in Nepal not the other way around.

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