Privacy Policy

Welcome To All Nepali Converter Privacy Policy

We team of “ANC” are glad that you visited our site and we hope you find out what you were searching for. This page gives you the idea on what we collect as information form the user when the visit our website. We at ANC protect each and every persons individual privacy as we know how important they are these days.


We team of All Nepali Converter don’t look at the cookies of any of the users that visited our website. We may only use to see the location or device from where our visitors are viewing our website so that we can optimized our CDN’s more for that locations. 


We use cache as a method of serving our web pages in super fast speed. Cache are stored in your web browsers and can be deleted any time you want. 

Information You Give To The Widget:

We do not collect the information that you enter in our widgets. The data that is entered in the widgets are on local side and we only used coding to translate the data not to store in our website.

Other Part Services:

We do not take responsibility on the information on what other party services collects. We use services like google analytics  , Sumo etc which may collect additional information form user like page you visited but I am sure they are very trustful. We recommend you to see their policy from their own website.


We got the right to change the policy when we want so be update with out policy. We often make a prior notice before changing the policy. So be sure to read it before surfing.


If you have any concerns please contact us via contact us page. Thanks for the co-operation 🙂 .